About the Biz

The businesses of Academy Road formed a Business Improvement Zone in 1995 to market the area as Winnipeg's preferred shopping and service experience, to sponsor events which would enhance the safe and family friendly character of the street, and to improve the physical appearance of Academy Road. The BIZ also provides a voice in the political sphere on issues of concern to member businesses. The BIZ is working closely with the City of Winnipeg and other levels of government to ensure our maintenance needs are met and lobby for a major street enhancement program.

For several years, the BIZ has provided flowers and hired a student through the Province of Manitoba's 'Urban Green Team Program' to keep Academy Road free of trash, graffiti and weeds. We also partner with other Biz zones to actively prevent graffiti from buildings and public spaces.

The BIZ is working to beautify and enhance the historical character of Academy Road and live up to our potential as a "Neighbourhood Main Street to River Heights".

Academy Road Biz Board Members 2017

Tom Scott, Chair
Pilates Manitoba, 390 Academy Road

George Andrews, Treasurer / Streetscaping Liason
GJ Andrews, 384 Academy Road

Michael Kroeker, Secretary
Bonaventure Travel, 428 Academy Road

Tracy Musson Sitar - Comminications Liason
Portico Indoor & Outdoor Living, 580 Academy Road

Jackie Henrickson - Marketing / Advertising Liason
Merry Maids of Winnipeg, 620 Academy


Ryan Sudom - Marketing / Advertising Liason
Blue Hills Design, 444 Academy Road

Ernie Cholakis - Streetscaping Liason
Broadway Florists, 419 Academy Road

Suzy Afifi - Board Member
Pizzeria Gusto, 404 Academy Road

Councillor John Orlikow - City Councellor, River Heights
City appointed to Board (204) 986-5236

Martin Pasieczka - City of Winnipeg Biz Liason